Lucchese Western Boots

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Lucchese Western Boots

Post  luccheseboots on Wed Jul 21, 2010 7:56 am

One of the best things about lucchese boots is the choice of colors among their many styles. It is really amazing how color can completely change the entire look of the basic western boots, transforming it into something even better than it was before. The traditional black, steady brown and dressy white are always going to be popular, and deservedly so, but there’s no need to stick to those if your style is something different. You don’t even have to abandon the classic colors – you can add a splash of something new to a traditional boot design and create something that will draw many admiring eyes.

When shopping for lucchese boots, you can start with tweaking the basics a little bit. There are styles that incorporate black and white or differing shades of brown. Moving a little farther afield, Luchesse has a shoe that shades the white into a very pale pink for the shaft of the boot, leaving the rest black. Or try a boot with a pale blue shaft with black. Even brown can be made into something new by adding a little red to the brown in the shaft and leaving the rest of the boot the usual deep brown.

Stitching adds another personal touch amongst all the color choices. The detailing is done in a color that complements the color of the boot itself and ranges from random patterning to very specific patterns. There are other ways to make the boots personally yours, like adding harnesses, which are metal and leather straps that wrap around the heel of your boot. Unlike stitching, these can be removed, so you can tailor your lucchese boots specifically for a special occasion.

The difference in lucchese boots is not just in color but in all the styles that are available. If you want a shorter shaft length, a lower sole or even something other than the usual type of leather, you’ll find it here. You can find boots in distressed and smooth leather that is so very soft to the touch. Do you have a favorite pair of blue jeans that are so well-worn, they feel like they were made specifically for you? Boots like these will feel like that. Suede is a popular material – if you take care of suede, it will take care of you by looking fabulous for years to come. There are even boots that blend the materials to give you the best of both worlds, and the best of both looks.

Whatever pair (or pairs) of lucchese boots you decide upon, always make sure that you have the right fit and you know how to care for them properly. Even the way that you store the boots when not wearing them can make year’s worth of difference in how long they will last. Sometimes it can take a long time to find just the right western boot, but sometimes you know the perfect one for you the instant you see it. It doesn’t matter which category you fall into, you’ll want to make sure your boots last as long as you want to keep them.


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Why wholesale wolverine boots?

Post  wolverine on Fri Jul 23, 2010 7:23 am

Why wholesale wolverine boots?

When I first doing wholesale business, I confront with many difficulties, time to time I want to give up, but I still insist wholesaling is the right choice, and I stick on it for 4 years. There many short cuts I can choose without working so hard, why keen on wholesale wolverine boots and other things? There is sure some reason.

I start foreign trade 10 years ago, at that time I focus on retailing and just consider it’s just a way of earning money.

With years goes on, I have more and more customers, but I don’t know them well even if they had been my regular customers for years. Conversation between my customer and me was just business.

Until one day, one of my customer call Lisa change me. She wrote to me saying that she feel happy to meet me and thank me for providing her the best products in such low price all the years long. She also added “to me, you are my friend, I wish you happy everyday”. I was touched at that time, I never imagine that my customer will think of me as her friend.

For some reason I start to change, customer to me not only customer, I treat them like a friend. When I change my attitude, things change as well. Many of my customers open their world to me, they talk about their family, their feelings. We talk like friends. They all mention about that they thank me for provide them Chinese wholesale price.

With the encouragement, I made up my mind to do wholesale business, for it can bring more benefit to more people. With all the years’ effort, I have made many friends and with their supporting my life and business become bountiful and fulfill.

Now I still and continue doing wholesale business, I believe wolverine boots which at a wholesale price will attracted many people and benefit many people.


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